The Greatest Instrument of All: Harness the Power Within!

By M Zammit


Our minds are the beating hearts of our physical world. Individually and collectively they have been conditioned in a way that effectively opposes our true essence. It's a conditioning long overdue for change. 

If I told you the state of your wellness is perfectly aligned with your thoughts and feelings, how much of that, if any, would you believe? I can tell you the answer will shock you! There is no greater influence on our mental and physical well-being than the presence within. Somehow education missed out on this crucial subject.

It should be no secret that the human body is the most magnificent machine ever known, yet so many underestimate its truly remarkable potential. We have made it the norm to put faith in drugs, supplements, therapies and doctors to provide what we believe is best for our body.

The time has come to break through the conditioning that has created fear and consequently poor health, unhappiness, negativity, self-doubt, stress and so on. It is time to live a life worthy of our immense potential. Our conditioning has been and is very persistent and so must our efforts to remove its damaging hold on us.

We are all part of something Divine, call it what you will, but the reality is that it lies within each of us…an inner force giving us the power to shape our physical world! An intuitive belief that we can achieve anything we put our minds to. We have all witnessed someone who had a strong desire to become something, and they become just that!

In contrast, there have been many who have missed out on their desire because they doubted it could happen for them. They doubted it because instead of being conscious of how the doubts formed in the first place, and thus gaining the power to overcome them, the power was given to the conditioning that created these very doubts.

The recognition that we are more powerful than any outside influence,  and that ultimately we have conscious power over our thoughts, should allow people to realize the potential within.

Understand your thoughts and feelings are powerful. Be conscious of the thought energy you accept to be present with. Harness the power within to create the physical world you want to live in!