Proposed Course Outline: ‘Life Class’ Curriculum Addition (Elementary Grades)

Module 1: The Effects of Negativity
The effects of negativity go far deeper than realized, more so during a child's development. It's the right time in their lives to learn that by accepting a negative mindset, it will limit their potential and have undesirable consequences to overall wellbeing. Negative energy is everywhere and it's harmful to us both individually and collectively. This module will create an awareness of negativity's presence within and its harmful effects as a stepping stone to its eradication. This could very easily be a subject in itself since negativity has become commonplace for far too many people. Aligning with a positive or negative mindset directly correlates to what transpires in our physical reality.

Module 2: Gratitude

I think we can all agree in this day and age we are constantly distracted. There is so much going on that we often forget to think about the things we are grateful for. The happiest people in the world are not that way because of money or material things. They make the best of everything. They understand that by counting their blessings they're appreciating what's truly important. When we take things for granted we are unintentionally taking away from our own good. Can anyone be happy with more if they're not happy with what they currently have?

This module will incorporate gratitude into the child's daily conversation. The words "thank you" for what we have ensures recognition of life's meaningful abundance and through this awareness we put trivial troubles and complaints as secondary. Modern studies have shown that the benefits of gratitude include improving physical and psychological health, reducing aggression, strengthening empathy and improving self-esteem, just to name a few.

Module 3: We Are All Unique and Special

There is no discovery or technology that comes close to the complexity of our mind and body. Every one of us is a living breathing miracle of nature and the more we learn the more in awe we become. What's known for sure is how much more we harness on a deeper level. However, we are constantly bombarded by society’s influences that make us feel inadequate by creating a self-defeating, self-doubting state of mind. This module will promote a positive picture of diversity and will empower children through the understanding that each person’s extraordinary potential and abilities make us all significant and worthy of goodness, love and respect.

Module 4: The Power of Quieting the Mind

Meditation has been practiced in every culture around the world for Centuries. It has proven to have countless benefits which include: stress reduction, improved concentration, enhanced creativity, mental clarity and inner peace. This module will introduce children to techniques for quieting their thoughts not only through meditation but also in their awakened conscious state. Unwanted thoughts bombard us on a consistent basis and an awareness of their presence is the first step to understanding their harm.

Module 5: Understanding Fear

It is indisputable that fear can be flat out debilitating! Fear wreaks havoc on our emotions and adversely affects everyone on some level. Growing up we don't have to look very hard for things to fear. Those fears become part of our consciousness and therefore our reality. We look upon some people's fears as comical, seeing them as exaggerated. This is a good indication that we are the creators of our own fears. This module will explore the reasons we give fear so much of our precious energy. It will also create an awareness of how fears are created, how they reside freely within, and how we can effectively rid them for good. The traditional face your fears mentality is not the answer for everyone.

Module 6: Love is Power

There is no greater power than love. Through a popularized society we seek outside sources for love and overlook the importance of self-love, unaware of how much there is to love. Inner or self-love is the cornerstone to a harmonious life. It is an understanding that we have every reason to love who we are, just as we are! This module will show children that looking inside first to cultivate love is where our true power lies, and that self-love is as critical for the body and mind as oxygen! It will show them how much they have to gain through self-love and that a connection to self is the path to living an emotionally fulfilled life, free of the hardships so many good people suffer from today.

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