Is Your Mind Being Kind to You?

By M Zammit


Do you have an unkind mind? Or is it likely to be found in someone who's depressed, angry or maybe someone who hates their job? If we treated everyone the same way our minds treated us we would be considered despicable!

Imagine going around telling people “there is no possible way you are good enough to do that” or “you have got to be the stupidest person I know!” So why is it that we allow our inner voice to treat us this way? How much better off would we be without this negative loudmouth pushing our buttons at our weakest moments?

This inner voice, otherwise known as our subconscious mind, is basically a recording of every tiny bit of data our mind has ever received from its earliest memory. And, if our 'conscious mind' is off in an unconscious state, (which is more common than many realize) these self defeating recordings can carry some very unpleasant hardships toward our mental state and therefore our physical reality.

How many times do we see people visably upset for the pettiest of reasons! There are so many instances where these recordings can wreak havoc on us so the prospect of turning this loudmouth into a valuable commodity should rank high up on our “to do lists." The good news is, as sure as this inner voice exists, so too does the potential to mould it, to refine it for our benefit. Make no mistake; the transformation will be challenging, however it may very well be the most beneficial commitment you've ever made.

In a nutshell, our best defense is our conscious mind - 'conscious' meaning to be aware and when we’re aware of the content our inner voice is feeding us at any given moment, we can observe it knowing it's the conditioned mind robbing us of goodness, peace and joy of this precious moment. Through your awareness you hold the power to observe thoughts, but not to engage them since that's what empowers them, rather allow them to be with no reaction. As you realize that through the observation of your thoughts you will take control rather than be controlled. Through this knowledge you can now draw consciousness away from the minds activity and into the present moment which is where the trueness of life can be found, and it's where our power lies. With this developed mindset, one day you may just feel a profound sense of ecstatic joy as you realize that the unkind voice is not who you are at all. Maybe that time has come, maybe that time is now?