Today I took the One Day Challenge and to my amazement, the thing that stood out the most during the day was own negativity. I have been a faithful watcher of The Biggest Loser television show. I have found it very inspirational and eye-opening.

Throughout the season I have been so proud of the contestants and happy for their weightloss, but when it came down to the finale and the winner Rachel, I found myself thinking nothing but negative thoughts like she is too skinny, she looks anorexic, she has gone from one addiction to another!!!!

Then I realized that I that I was being terrible...who was I to think those things? Instead of thinking she is too skinny, I should think good for you - you kicked ass and you won...more than won your health back! Instead of thinking she is anorexic, I should think she lost more than half her body weight so her physical exterior had just not adjusted to the massive weight loss yet and furthermore, good for you, Rachel, instead of eating yourself into an early grave, you became an athlete! And instead of thinking she went from a food addiction to a food aversion, I should be thinking that she went to a food addiction to a 'healthy lifestyle' addiction of nutrition and exercise.

The One Day Challenge was an eye-opener for me. I encourage everyone to take it!