What do I see when I look into a mirror?

I see…someone in pain, depressed, lonely?

A person that I am ashamed of?

An image of myself that I would change if I could?

Often times, the reflection we see in the mirror is a disguise– we see someone we think of as ordinary or less than special, someone we need to change, someone we need to improve.

At some point, we lost the ability to see life’s beauty looking book at us in the mirror…beauty in its many forms: like that beautiful stretch mark that signifies the birth of your first child…or those dainty wrinkles at the sides of your mouth that signify the joy and laughter you’ve experienced in life…or those few extra pounds you’re carrying that signify you’ve never had to know the pain of hunger!

We are all guilty of projecting false images in our mirror of life? I know that I am guilty of doing so, but starting today I am approaching the reflections I see with a renewed sense of hope, clarity and purpose.