I took the One Day Challenge back in March of 2012. I live in the greater Toronto area, which is normally still pretty cold as winter winds down. It just so happened, we had a beautiful stretch of warm weather and some golf courses were open for business! Two gentlemen and I had the pleasure of playing a round of golf that day! I picked this day to do the challenge figuring the negatives would be pretty low on such a wonderful day. Well as it turned out, that was not the case! One of the gentleman might as well have been stuck at work with the amount of complaining he did about his job. The other gentleman was less negative, although he did partake in his negative rantings. I found that they actually fed off each other's complaining. I also realized that I could have just as easily joined in and fallen into this senseless mindtrap if it wasn't for the One Day Challenge. Instead when they complained, I reveled in the moment that I was playing a sport that I loved on a beautiful summer-like day and It was magical! It felt as though I had gained some unbelievable new outlook on life, when all I really did was be mindful of the negatives!