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My Life's Mirror

Posted by anonymous on Wednesday, February 5, 2014, In : See the Real You 

What do I see when I look into a mirror?

I see…someone in pain, depressed, lonely?

A person that I am ashamed of?

An image of myself that I would change if I could?

Often times, the reflection we see in the mirror is a disguise– we see someone we think of as ordinary or less than special, someone we need to change, someone we need to improve.

At some point, we lost the ability to see life’s beauty looking book at us in the mirror…beauty in its many forms: like that beautiful str...

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What do you see in the mirror?

Posted by Mario Zammit on Thursday, August 29, 2013, In : See the Real You 
How often do we look in the mirror and recognize there is so much to love rather than checking out our exterior looking for faults? Judging ourselves? How about looking in that mirror and saying: "I Love you ____  ____"  If you're not doing this already it's a wonderful place to start!

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