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From my earliest childhood memories, thoughts of our existence consumed me. What am I doing here? Is there a God,  if so, who created God?  How did everything start? Are we supposed to exist for a short time and then just die?

I was the ninth born in a family of ten. I saw my parents and all my siblings as a blissfully happy family! I didn't get it! Why am I the only one riddled by these important questions? Why was I depressed because of it? Raised in the devout Catholic faith I kept these feelings to myself!

These questions consumed me and when I was alone with these thoughts I would close my eyes and get the strangest sensation. It was as if I was speeding through the Universe, followed suddenly by a void, a darkness, I can only describe as empty of everything including my physical body. Although I was conscious of my surroundings, I was entirely somewhere else. When I came out of that state, I was in awe, though still a troubled kid needing answers. 

I remember asking these bewildering questions to the people I felt comfortable with. I easily sensed the answers I got were not accurate and so I quickly chalked them up as ridiculous. I began to lose faith in the people that I looked to for guidance. Nothing anyone told me made any sense. Somebody had to know something! I knew there had to be more and I was right! 

Later in my adolescence, I became fascinated with the Universe. I became a sponge for information. The vastness of Space amazed me like nothing before. Then came a point when I just couldn't read anymore. It became too much to comprehend. I didn't understand how, with all this amazing technology to look far into the Universe which has more suns than grains of sand on Earth, that it didn't lead to anything besides the existence of this tiny planet circling one star? I was done learning about the Universe and all of its magnificence...for a short time at least!

One thing I felt had to be true was the existence of a greater power: something good, because when I looked at nature's beauty and when I looked at the sky and the stars, I knew it all had to be created by something far greater than what I was learning from. I felt with all my being that it came from something Divine and loving. This is my journey...

After many years of devoting every free moment to reading any book I could get my hands on relating to topics such as astronomy, the powers of mind, meditation, psychology, philosophy and spirituality, and after living what I learned day-in and day-out, I have come to realize that I find peace, passion and purpose in sharing my knowledge and lessons with others. I have gained a specific understanding of what ails people and why, and I seek ways to help people make their life more enjoyable, more worthy, and rid themselves of unwanted circumstances. 

The process that brought me to where I am today was perfect! If I had been given this clarity earlier in life (without having to go through each necessary step in my journey), I know that ego, worldly distractions and "a sometimes" negative mindset, would have overridden the selflessness that I humbly inherited along the way. I know that without this process, I would have lost out on the most important piece of the gift, which can be summed up in one word "love." A true, genuine love and appreciation for all things! 

I sincerely hope that you are enlightened by the content on this site and please check back often because we are continually updating and adding to it.  

Pictured above: me and my faithful companion Zoe, a rescue from New Orleans, Louisiana. Being that she was neglected and abused, her transformation has been a joyful successs.


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